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Investing in the Currency Market

Gedamo_Small_1The Gedamo Investments Forex Asset Management philosophy is geared to run on an investment the most complete, comprehensive and diversified as possible, using any type of functional instrument to achieve sustainable and consistent positive results over time.
A good forex asset management is not something that can be improvised, is a matter of tradition and experience.

The advantages of our systems allow you to:
    1. implement strategies capable of achieving positive results in every phase of the market (bullish, bearish or sideways), with no correlation to the movements of the market that characterizes the traditional mutual funds;
    2. control and significantly reduce the volatility that characterizes the individual investments;
    3. achieve positive and consistent performance over time;
    4. apply the minimum cost of ownership for customers;
    5. enjoy tax advantages of undoubted interest;
    6. share with clients the same objectives of the management team and shareholders.

All this allows to optimize the intrinsic relationship between market risk and expected return on forex investment, both short and long term.


Why the Forex Market?

Gedamo_Small_2Provides a portfolio properly diversified investments made between them in order to minimize as much as possible the element of risk inherent in any investment. The traditional asset classes are often correlated to which diversification is only using these tools in most cases inefficient and incomplete.

Investment in the forex market with disciplined currency managers offers several advantages over traditional markets:

Absorbing a much higher trading volume than other markets, the Forex market always ensures the availability of a counterpart with which to conclude trade desired price and the inability to manipulate the market by big names. Unlike the stock market, where some large institutions have sufficient financial strength to move the price of a title to your liking, the forex market trading volumes are so great that no operator, no matter how big and important it has the ability to easily manipulate prices.

The high number of contractors from all over the world, both as buyers and as sellers, negotiation continues and the relative abundance of negotiations mean that the price that forms on the market is closer to that of perfect competition.

Instant access
You can access real-time market at 24 hours from Sunday night through Friday evening. The forex market is therefore practically impossible to insider trading: the stock market while it is possible (and frequent) that some operators have information on a confidential basis and which are therefore in a privileged position compared to others, in the forex market information on a country and its economic performance are available to all without distinction. The national economic data are released simultaneously worldwide, and each operator becomes aware at the same time.

Operating both the upside and the downside
Each split can be both purchased for resale at a later time at a higher value (for example, buying dollars against yen to 122.00 and resold later to 124.00: long position, ie upwards) is sold for to buy it later (for example, sell euros against dollars to repurchase them at 0.9810 and 0.9710: short position, or downward). The two types of operations involve the same costs.

The leverage allows you to control by committing a small amount of money, a sum larger (eg, using a capital of 20,000 Euros, 10 leverage can invest up to 200,000 euros). Thus a movement on the gear selected, for example Euro / Dollar, 1% will result in using a lever 10, a change in investment of 10%.

Elasticity of liquidations
You can open a position for any duration and closure is simple and easy. Only between Friday and Sunday evenings there is a risk in opening gap - risk that the stock market and is instead derived daily.

All these characters, among them integrated, have a strong effect on reproductive efficiency of the investment currencies.
The Forex market is an interesting complement to the complex financial instruments traded on securities markets. Today, individual investors, relying on a specialized structures have the opportunity to participate in the benefits once reserved for banks or brokerage firms. Investors may benefit from the momentum of the currency market and the multiplicity of currencies negotiated.
Finally, the non-taxation of gains on transactions spot Forex market is absolutely interesting.


Total monthly negative returns of the S&P 500 and Nikkei 225 equity indices of January 2007 and November 2009, compared to the performance of the Barclays Currency Index and Parker FX Index during those corresponding months.

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