Wealth Management

Managing wealth involves strategic thinking. We offer private banking that’s precisely tailored to your circumstances and ambitions. Building lasting relationships and trust with each of our clients is at the heart of Gedamo services.

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The Currency Market

The management philosophy of Gedamo is directed to conduct an investment the most complete, comprehensive and diversified as possible, using any type of instruments required to achieve lasting success and constant over time.

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Currency Risk

The currency risk is one of many kinds of risk to which the organization is exposed. Mainly due to the undertaking of the company in foreign trade, investments from financial or physical outside national boundaries, obtaining of financing in foreign currencies.

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Managed Accounts

Managed Account is a type of financial trading where the owner of account grants permission to the experienced traders to trade from his or her account to earn profit. The trader trading from the owner´s account is the manager of the owner´s account.

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Precious Metals

As a longer term investment, buying and holding precious metals in physical form has seen a surge of popularity with individual investors in recent years.

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Gedamo is a global company operating in the financial markets, with a focus on currency international market, the Forex. The service that we offer is highly personalized and conducted in the strictest confidentiality. We assist and advise our clients on the full range of their assets, through every phase and cycle of their development.

Investing with The Gedamo Group

Gedamo provides the ability to manage and expand portfolios and business of customers through a structured approach and flexible investment strategies in the long term. In our philosophy the diversity of positions and the limitation of risk are a priority.

Money Operations

In the rapidly changing financial industry, effectively aligning money operations is a primary focus for managers seeking to streamline their operations, reduce risk, contain costs and achieve overall growth. Gedamo has earned a global reputation for its leadership in providing customized outsourcing services.

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The Foreign Exchange Market

Forex is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. Forex daily turnover average exceeds 4500 billion USD, and the market is still booming. People working in the Forex market obtain profits and gain by exploiting the price movements of currencies.

Asset Management Results

2013     JUL     YTD
Gedamo FX Alpha + 1.21% + 4.37%
Gedamo FX One + 0.09% + 3.57%


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