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Company Formation


We offer our clients a convenient and efficient system for opening and managing corporations, trusts, foundations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities in a wide range of jurisdictions.

We provide introductions to major institutional trustees and are also an affiliate of four private international trust companies. Accordingly, we are able to provide clients with an array of choices for trustee selection, from the large institutions to smaller, more flexible private trust companies. Specific services offered by our professionals in this area include:

  • Providing mailing address for a trust or trustee
  • Providing secure storage for original trust agreements, share certificates, letters of wishes and related documents
  • Preparation of annual accounting for trusts and beneficiaries
  • Provision of nominee officers and directors
  • Preparation of minutes and resolutions for routine and special corporate meetings
  • Financial corporate book keeping and accounting
  • Preparation of financial statements


In order to ensure a major confidentiality, corporate services providers and business consultants are able to advice and arrange nominee services, acting as a company’s shareholders and directors on behalf of a beneficial owner, who remains anonymous.

Confidentiality and significant tax privileges are not the only advantages when one decides to incorporate an offshore company. It is often effective to place assets in a safe jurisdiction while executing business activities in another country. Moreover, it is a good way for holding property for minors and mentally disabled, as well as holding shares for employees and/or charity.

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