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Gedamo Fund -FX Alpha-


This strategy proposed by Gedamo adopting exclusive and automated trading systems that work without the negative influence of emotions.
The refined systems developed in-house, unique, using a complex mathematical analysis to identify market opportunities.

The operating method is completely unrelated from traditional investments, from which it differs mainly for the greater liquidity of the instruments traded.

The absolute discipline in the management of capital (money management) has an essential role in all trading strategies Gedamo Asset Management.
Strict risk control systems allow you to manage both the overall risk and each trading position. For example, the magnitude of any new position is exactly determined in advance and subsequently protected by stop-loss orders dynamic.
This type of disciplined approach is extremely important in order to achieve long-term yields above average, something for which the management Gedamo are famous.


Investor Profile: Medium
Market intervention: Operations spot with direct access to the interbank market
Ability to negotiate both the upward or downward
Mix of operational strategies
Integrated risk control
Subscription fee: 2%
Management Fee: Maximum 4% of gross capital
Currencies mostly treated: EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD
Liquidity: Monthly
Enhancement: Monthly
Minimum capital: EUR 10.000
Max leverage intraday / overnight: 5 / 5
Theoretical yields: Target return 30% per year
Maximum risk : The maximum risk for each transaction is previously bound to 3%
Performance Fee: 20%
Investment vehicle: Managed accounts


pdf icon Factsheet Gedamo Fund -FX Alpha-


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