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Wealth Management


There’s no time like the present to prepare for those long-awaited days pursuing your passions, whether it’s learning your favorite sport; or nurturing your grandchildren. We can help you maximize the amount of free time you so richly deserve. By working with us now, we can arrange all the details that will affect your financial future, sparing you and/or your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions later. As your financial consultant, Gedamo finds the best team in the industry to work for you. So that you can enjoy life.

Income and Lifestyle
Through an in-depth discovery process your Financial Advisor will work with you to understand and document what you want to do in this lifetime, from now until retirement and from then on. We'll then map out a course to help you seek the returns you'll need for how you intend to live and to achieve the income you'll need to do exactly what you want one year at a time. And, if you like, strategies to guarantee that income.

Wealth Planning
This is where our specialists in tax, asset allocation, investment research, and estate distribution develop a comprehensive accumulation and preservation plan that best meets your needs and goals.

Tax Planning
Which is more important: What you earn or what you keep? Tax planning is critical to your success.
Our strategic relationships provides the best tax planning in our area or Gedamo can work with your existing tax advisor to develop and implement strategies that allows you to pay your fair share....and not a money more!

Asset Protection
By understanding the lifestyle you enjoy, and the one you're building toward, your Financial Advisor can see the threats against it.
Taxes, inflation, volatility, creditors, lawsuits, identity thieves, tragedy.. Gedamo can help you deal with them using everything in the arsenal of one of the world's largest financial services firms.

We view borrowing as a strategy, an array of ways to unlock value in assets you own, without compromising the ability of those assets to continue to work for you over time. If such talk of strategy sounds like how most firms talk about investing, it should. We believe how people invest and how they borrow are inextricably linked, both sides of one balance sheet, one plan.

Risk Management Planning
Our risk management team will evaluate your non-financial risks, such as umbrella coverage, long-term coverage, life coverage and medical coverage to be sure the unexpected does not put a halt on your future retirement.

Business Planning
Our business planning professionals will consult with you to evaluate or establish employee retirement plans, as well as executive compensation and business buy-sell/continuity strategies. We will meet with you and/or the key team member of your organization, on a complimentary basis, to explore how we can best meet your needs.
As you lead your business toward its next stage, whatever that stage may be, you'll be pleased to learn that your Financial Advisor understands the connection between your business and your life. They are one and the same.

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