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Anti Money Laundering (AML)

What is money laundering?
Criminals need to "clean" money from their criminal activities. They seek to launder illicit funds being introduced into the financial system to avoid detection or suspicion. If they can place their capital in the financial system can then divert them to other bank accounts or financial products worldwide, or use them to purchase goods and services. The idea is to bring up the laundering as coming from a legitimate source. Criminals try to ensure that the authority is as difficult as possible to find a connection between money and their criminal past. The money "clean" is often used to fund further crimes, including acts of terrorism.

Why do I prove my identity a Gedamo?
Criminals prefer not to use their real names or addresses for the purchase of financial products or services or to open bank accounts. It would be too easy, in fact, trace the money and go back to them. For this, they use false identities and addresses. They could also try to buy a product or open an account using your identity. It is for this reason that companies offering financial services like Gedamo have a responsibility to make sure about the identities of their customers before opening an account or agree to purchase their products or financial services.

What kind of identification and information you provide a Gedamo?

  • A copy of an identity document or passport. You must show that you are indeed who you claim to be and live where you say you live.
  • Your photo and your signature must be clearly visible so that Gedamo can compare the signature on your contract.
  • In-contract customer you should also specify which activities have originated your capital.


Please keep in mind that the rules on money laundering that have Gedamo verify your identity and that it retain copies of documentation that you provide.

If it is not possible to verify your identity, Gedamo by law can not provide its services and / or provide its products.

Due to anti-money laundering regulations we CANNOT ACCEPT cash deposits or bank transfers made by third parties. We will make NO EXCEPTION from this rule. YOU WILL BE CHARGED all banking and administrative costs to return any such payment.

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