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Macroeconomic Indicators

These are the most important macroeconomic data:

Gross domestic product (GDP)
Measure the total value of goods and services created  in the territory of a country.To calculate the index is taken into account all economic activity regardless of the nationality of the owner of a given input. The level of GDP can be measured both in current prices, expressing the current market value of production, both in fixed prices, making it possible to assess the dynamics of economic development in a given country. Financial markets carefully analyze the changes in the level of gross domestic product in terms of annual per quarter. A dynamic development of economic development in a given country exceeded expectations may lead to the strengthening of its currency on the international market.
Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Expresses the price of a fixed package of consumer goods adjusted by a seasonal factor. Financial markets are showing a tendency to withdraw from the currencies of countries with rising inflation. This leads to increase in the growth of interest rates, and declining market prices of bonds in a given currency. The sale of low-cost debt by foreign investors, frightened by the possibility of higher interest rates, for example, in the U.S. may lead to an increase in the dollar and a weakened compared to other currency.
Production Price Index
Expresses the dynamics of price movements of goods from producers and farmers. The attention of financial markets has focused on changes in prices published monthly percentage of the final products. However, in relation to the large seasonal food prices and the large variability in energy prices, you do not take these factors into account when reading (the so-called core inflation - core PPI rate). A strong increase of the indicator of inflation and expectations in growth may be negatively interpreted by investors, leading to a weakening of the domestic currency.
Industrial Production
Defines the rate of growth of aggregate physical level of industrial production. High dynamic production is an indication of good condition of the economy and may lead to a strengthening of the currency market. A low dynamic contrast, is a symptom of an economic disadvantage, which can lead to flight of investors from a given currency.
Trade Balance
List consists of values of goods and services exported (sent over the border of a country) and imported (shipped from abroad). The difference between the import and export of a given country is the trade balance. A positive value expresses a predominance on the import and export is a sign of economic strength of the country. High competitiveness of the economy can increase the interest of investors against a given currency.
Index of the Institute for supply management (ISM)
The index considers five factors: new orders, production, supply, stocks and recruitment. A reading above 50% indicates the development of production and throughout the economy. If the index is at a level between 45% and 50%, we have an expression of stagnation in the sphere of industrial production with a block of economic development. An index value below 40% is a symptom of stagnation of industry and the entire economy. Financial markets give a great importance ISM index, because it has a significant influence on monetary policy of the Federal Reserve.
Balance of Payments (Current Account)
Includes all capital movements to and from a given country. A surplus balance of payments means that a country is experiencing an influx of capital. This can lead to the strengthening of the national currency.
Unemployment rate
The level of unemployment is one of the most important indicator for the expression of the condition of an economy. A steady rise in the unemployment level is a symptom of a deteriorating economic situation, negatively interpreted by financial markets as a signal of deviation from a given currency.
Michigan index of consumer confidence
Index published monthly, is an important indicator of the mood of consumers and prospects for further economic development in the USA. On its value affect the assessment of the current situation by the interviewees and expectations related to future economic conditions. The survey is conducted by telephone in 700 households. The Michigan index is important because consumer spending are the most important factor in the formation of gross domestic product. If the data on the index value exceeds market expectations could lead to an appreciation of the dollar. A result below expectations, however, may cause the weakening of U.S. currency.
IFO Business Sentiment
Drafted by the Institute of Economic Monaco of Bavaria, shows the mood of the German industrialists. Each month investigation involved about 7,000 economic entities. The analytical financial markets give a great importance to the index data, treating them as a tool to measure the economic condition, representative for the whole euro area. IFO index is a growing sign of improving economy and may signal a trend towards the appreciation of the common European currency.
Durable Goods Orders
Measurement in U.S. dollars the value of orders on durable goods with (amortization over three years). The majority of orders is one of the most important indicator for the definition of the condition of the industry. The values of reading index have a great variability and often occurred in spite of this publication can have a major influence on financial markets, leading to sharp fluctuations in prices if the results do not conform to expectations.
New Home Sales
The index expresses the amount of new houses sold and offered for sale. Changes in the level of dynamics reflect the slump in U.S. real estate. A high dynamic is characteristic for the periods of economic recovery, while its decrease indicates the saturation of demand and the possible approach to economic stagnation.
Housing Starts and Building Permits
Published on a monthly basis, the index expresses the relative growth of new investments and construction of building permits in the U.S. market. Their level is conditional, among other things, the extent of the interest rates for mortgages. A good economy in the property market reflects the economic development of the country.
Index of consumer confidence
Has a meaning similar to the Michigan index, however, the survey covers a larger group of respondents. The mood among consumers reflect the state of the economy: during the reigns of development optimism, while the recession is accompanied by pessimism expressed by low index values. A good layout means American consumers increased demand, more revenue and business opportunities in the strengthening dollar. A decline in the index is reflected by a weakening U.S. currency.
Nonfarm Payrolls
Reflect, similar to the index of unemployment, the economic condition of the country. Sustainable growth of recruitment is a symptom of improving the economic climate, growth of income of households and, in a longer period of rise in the value firms. High index values are a positive sign and may lead to the appreciation of the currency of a country.

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