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Gedamo Fund -Total Return-


Gedamo offers this particular form of forex investment no risk that guarantees, at maturity, the full capital protection:

  • The investor invests approximately 85% of their capital in Government bonds with high ratings, recommended by us.
  • The remaining sum to invest, approximately 15% is invested by Gedamo Group in foreign exchange asset management.

This diversification composed so dominant from the obligation by adding a marginal component in Forex Management delivers, with a time horizon of five years, a total absence of risk capital. This is our clear proposal to the total investment capital protected.


  • The bond ensures, through the performance of interest, the recovery of total investment.
  • The part invested in foreign exchange management aims to optimize the years, the return on government bond through a professional management of trading in leverage.

The appropriateness of this combination of instruments offers a number of advantages, beyond the protection and preservation of capital, the optimization of current bond yields ratios of risk / return very interesting.

Profile investor: Prudent
Type of operations: Spot transactions with direct access to interbank market
Ability to negotiate both the upward or downward
Mix of operating strategies
Integrated systems for risk control
Subscrition fee: 2%
Management fee: Maximum 4% of gross capital
Investment term: From 2 to 10 years
Currencies mostly treated: EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD
Fixed income products: Eurozone government bonds
% of currency management: 15% of capital subscrition
Withdrawal of investment: Montly
Valorization: Montly
Minimun capital: EUR 50.000
Max leverage intraday / overnight: 10 / 5
Teorical objectives: Bond was the Euro Area: over 4% gross per annum
Forex Management: target return 5% per year
Maximum Risk: The maximum risk for each operation is bound to 1.5%
Overperformance fee: In case of annual return over 9%
Vehicle of investment: Managed accounts


The capital protection is only guaranteed at the end of the investment project.

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