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Our Values


Gedamo means autonomy from big banking and financial groups. The company operates with the unique objective of creating value for itself and its clients-investors.

Customer commitment
Gedamo aims to go beyond customer expectations, seeking and promoting the excellence of the services offered. Aware that the customer is the center of our business we strive to thoroughly understand its needs and its goals, doing our best to satisfy them.

We believe that innovation is essential for the market competitiveness and growth. Starting from creation, research and design of operational models and platforms for trading online, we continually invest in research and development of new technologies applied to media to ensure our partners contacts with a leader sector, rather than a random operator among many others. This constant commitment in technology investments has led to a significant progress in terms of systems and technologies as well as a mix of cutting edge design and usability.

Gedamo is moving towards market values such as honesty, confidentiality, transparency and sustainability. To regulate the relationship with customers, the company has set up an Ethical Code of Conduct, which provides guidelines to be followed in carrying out self and on which rest the bases of the relationship with customers.

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