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Social Responsability


Gedamo is very attentive to all issues concerning social responsibility; for this reason it has organized a series of operations on its internal organization to be environmentally friendly and attentive as much as possible to the customers' social needs.

  • Separate collection
    Inside each room is made a careful collection that sees shared the following:
    • Paper
    • Plastic
    • Alluminium
    • Batteries
  • Saving electricity
    All technological systems, as many are necessarily fed 24x7 designed to allow the greatest possible energy savings and to avoid, where possible waste.
  • Health and safety at work
    The company pays great attention to all aspects of health and safety at work.
    We are particularly careful to:
    • Environment:
      • absolute ban on smoking in the company
      • constant air change
      • air conditioning controlled and subject to periodic revisions
    • Wiew:
      • using the LCD monitor radiation void
      • lights and lighting at the right temperature and impact
      • proper placement jobs than natural light
    • Posture:
      • use of ergonomic workstations
      • correct positioning of the keyboard and pointing devices
      • careful compliance to rules and recommendations of international medical

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