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Mission & Vision

The Mission of Gedamo, or more generally of any organization is its ultimate goal, the very justification of its existence, and yet what sets it apart from all others. Our vision is the management strategy to show the projection of a future scenario that reflects the ideals, values and aspirations of those who set goals and motivate action. Enterprise value generally means a system of ideas and ways of acting and it attributes deemed importance for itself and therefore likely to affect the activity of the company, or organization in general.


Our commitment

Gedamo has the ambition to be a major and more solid institutions operating in global banking services and his desire is to create long term relationships with its customers by offering the best conditions and the best support available.

Our unique ability to offer quality investment services, along with safety regulations and control typical of a regulated structure, is the creation of superior value for customers and shareholders.

Since the success of Gedamo is linked directly to the clients, the same are at the heart of all business ventures. Our goal is to offer customers optimal environment through the precise combination of better conditions, infrastructure for highly secure electronic banking, the attention to detail, unrivaled customer care, continuous technological innovation and a research department and management internationally recognized.

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