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Individual Investment Solutions

The individual management Gedamo offer different risk profiles, thus enabling the creation of strategies tailored to different expectations and needs.
Customers can count on consistent and detailed information on changes in the capital, safe to rely on expertise gained over the years by Gedamo, a leading international group.

The benefits of an individual investment:

Customized service: you can create a product based on the market expectations, and your personal needs.
Uniqueness: the risk-return characteristics of your product are geared to your investment objectives and your risk profile.
Flexibility: you can adapt the product to your investment horizon, since being created you define the term.


The Investment Step's

In order to render a service as transparent as possible, Gedamo has divided into four main phases its investment program personallizzato. The quality of performance in each of these steps can generate, protect and maximize performance for our customers.

  1. Needs Analysis: is made a careful analysis of the needs of customers to plan their personal investment solution.
  2. Risk Profile: with the client to determine to what extent it wants and can support risk.
  3. Strategy: based on the risk profile of developing the most suitable solution in order to take into account individual investment objectives, elements of safety, efficiency and investment horizon.
  4. Implementation: once the operating parameters defined investment can begin.


In practice, the customer opens an account in his name/company at Gedamo placing a constraint operating in favor of it (managed accounts). For the duration of the investment liquidity is directly addressed to the customer but the operation will be managed independently by Gedamo based on the parameters previously defined. The customer will be able to access his account at any time via our client portal and view real-time all open positions, the balance and history of operations.

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