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Money Operations


In the rapidly changing financial industry, effectively aligning money operations is a primary focus for managers seeking to streamline their operations, reduce risk, contain costs and achieve overall growth.  As a result, managers are increasingly looking to their service providers to take on responsibility for the back- and middle-office activities that can sometimes drain resources and reduce efficiency.
A pioneer in money operations outsourcing, Gedamo has earned a global reputation for its leadership in providing customized outsourcing services.

Handing operational functions over to an experienced outsource provider can free up resources, allowing you to stay focused on your primary activity skills and objectives. A successful outsourcing arrangement can also provide you with greater operating efficiencies, and enable you to expand your product offerings and geographic reach.

We support full-scale middle-office functions, from trade matching through settlement.  Performance and client reporting can be easily integrated into the full spectrum of accounting, custody and fund administration services. You benefit from a highly efficient and controlled operating environment, which helps to mitigate operational, regulatory and financial risk.

The Gedamo middle-office solution can help you convert your fixed operating and staffing costs to a variable cost model, eliminate manual processes and ensure your data’s integrity. In addition, we can provide you with the opportunity to benefit from integrated service platforms without incurring long-term technology expenditures.

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