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Gedamo offers factoring services so as to allow your company to ensure more rapid turnover of resources. You can transfer debt to the firm and receive immediate payment thereof. This will immediately increase your cash on hand, and you will be able to offer your clients more advantageous payment terms.

This will be of use to your company if:
  • You export products
  • The buyer demands longer payment terms
  • The buyer regularly misses payments
  • You want to increase turnover of finances
  • You’re looking for new market opportunities
  • You’re preparing for a broader range of buyers
  • You need to speed up settlements with buyers
  • You need to optimise your turnover of resources
  • You want to offer longer and more advantageous payment terms to buyers
Gedamo currently offers:
  • Factoring with retrogression rights
  • Factoring with insurance
Basic rules for factoring:
  • Factoring transactions are financed in EUR, USD and GBP
  • Prepayment
    1. with recourse rights - up to 85% of the total sum
    2. with insurance - up to 90% of the total sum
  • The maximum payment term for the invoice is 90 days
  • We review financing terms on an individual basis

More information are available at the Gedamo offices.

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