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Gedamo Fund -FX One-


This Forex investment strategy proposed by Gedamo aims at finding a performance every month around 1% compared with a maximum risk to 2%. The operational methodology is completely unrelated from traditional investments, from which it differs mainly for the greater liquidity of the instruments covered.

This type of strategy is discretionary with multiday positions rarely stay open for longer than a week.

Investment process is based on finding the underlying trend on daily and weekly basis, starting with the movements of the major currencies in order to update our proprietary graphical models. It analyzes key market levels and analyzed the trading day, identifying any ads on fundamental and/or statistical releases to optimize risk management.
Continuous monitoring of market and the ongoing monitoring of open positions complete this procedure.
The success of this program and the viability of this method are defined by the high level of experience and discipline that distinguish this operation.

Profile investor: Prudent
Type of operations: Spot transactions with direct access to interbank market
Ability to negotiate both the upward or downward
Mix of operating strategies
Integrated systems for risk control
Subscrition fee: 2%
Management fee: Maximum 4% of gross capital
Investment term: From 2 to 10 years
Currencies mostly treated: EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD
% of currency management: 95% of capital subscrition
Withdrawal of investment: Montly
Valorization: Montly
Minimun capital: EUR 10.000
Max leverage intraday / overnight: 5 / 5
Teorical objectives: target return 12% annually
Maximun risk: The maximum risk for each transaction is
previously bound to 2%
Overperformance fee: In case of annual return over 12%
Vehicle of investment: Managed accounts


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