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How to Open an Account

To open an account with Gedamo is necessary to follow these steps:

Online Procedure

For customers who want open a investment/managed account, please click here.


Please read, understand the AML rules and the general warning before opening an account.


When we can start trading operations in your account?

  • After receiving the application, our office will run the Compliance control of all documents. The completion of the approval process of the documentation needs about 3 working days for individual accounts and about 5 days for company accounts.
  • If the application is approved, our office will contact customers and provide the contact details of the account (login and password) and instructions necessary to make the first transfer for replenish the account.
  • Before starting trading operations you need to deposit the necessary funds on the trading account, performing a bank transfer. Will not be accepted under any circumstances payments in cash or transfers to third parties.
  • We can start trading operations immediately after the account has been fund.



Gedamo Investments does not open accounts directly, the effective opening of the accounts is subject to acceptance from the broker/bank where the customer decides to open the account.

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