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CFD Trading

Contracts For Difference, or CFDs, refer to an arrangement between two parties that sees a buyer and seller trading on the value of an asset before and after price fluctuation, resulting in either a negative or positive difference. Online forex trading through CFDs provide traders with the opportunity to benefit from both an increase and decrease in prices of the underlying instruments  without actually needing to own these financial instruments.

CFDs are essentially financial derivatives that enable traders to take a long position (when asset prices are expected to increase) or a short position (when prices are expected to drop). It’s best to consider a couple of basic contract for difference examples before planning any CFD trading strategies.

CFDs are margin instruments where the investor does not have to pay for the full value of his position and instead can submit a deposit, or margin, leaving him with available capital for other trading operations. CFDs are a simple alternative to futures trading, where sometimes margins and dimensions of agreements prohibit investors to use this market. CFDs allow for strong leverage trading and reduced levels of collateral on the Futures market. Gedamo offers clients the opportunity to easily trade CFDs across various markets including stock indices, Brent, WTI, corn, soya and many other commodities.

Going Short
- When a CFD trader believes a share price will drop he will sell the shares to a broker at an opening price.
- If the share price has indeed dropped at the contract time (closing price) then the trader will buy back the underlying financial instrument at the lower price.
- After internal CFD adjustments (commission and interest) are taken into account, the trader will be left with a net profit or loss depending on whether the difference is positive or negative respectively.

Going Long
- Holding long position CFD in the trading accounts allows the trader to profit from an increase in the priceof the underlying instrument.
- As the more traditional approach, going long sees the trader purchasing the instrument at a certain price. Following a price increase the trader will then sell that instrument at the higher price, thereby making a profit.

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